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Nitsun grid solar system is an affordable alternative energy system, specifically designed to reduce the cost of your electricity bill through eco-friendly technology.

We at Nitsun maintain, develop, and enhance business relationship in the ever growing technological and solar energy sector. We constantly try to improve our products and enhance our customer experience. The mission of Nitsun is to create a greener world and to become a premier solar energy provider at International level. Based on the core values of dedication, integrity and hardwork we aim to provide quality services to our customers.


Founder, Director

Mr.Gopal Nitturkar is the founder of the company. With a degree in Architecture and passion for technology, he wanted to build a platform that would create a sustainable source of energy for the future generations. His vision for Nitsun is to make it a Global Brand leader in solar technology and to provide solar services that focus on safety, quality and reliability.



Mrs.Vidya Nitturkar is the chief executive officer and Director at Nitsun Solar Energy Pvt Ltd since 2017. She overlooks the senior executive team and all operational policies along with business administration, operations, investment plans and revenue generation plans. Prior to becoming the CEO, Vidya worked as an architect .

Why choose us


We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service. We promise to go the extra mile to help you through every step of your solar installation.


We are not tied to any one manufacturer so we can source the best equipment for your installation. We offer a whole array of the newest technologies to meet your needs.


We custom design every system to make sure you reap all the benefits from your new solar system. We can even integrate storage, monitoring and off-grid installations as required.


We take great care in providing the highest quality installations. Our team of licensed engineers will ensure your final system is perfect for you, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of solar.

Our Plan

Save The Money From Sunshine

Whether the electricity bill is bothering you or you want an easy way to power your world with abundant and clean sunshine, our Solar Company in India will provide you a positive experience while going solar.


To provide the most efficient, reliable, suitable and economical Solar Power solution where feasible.


To be the region’s choice for clean, intelligent, competitive renewable energy solutions.


we are a team of dedicated people, working round the clock to provide you, efficiently, the quality service.